Melissa Blue Fine Art

The Cardinal

Don’t you love new beginnings?  I’ve been struggling to create a website that truly reflects me and the work I do, I’m excited to say I’ve found it here on Format.  To those of you who have followed me here from WP, thank you so much for believing in me and wanting to continue the conversation over here.  This is my first blog post here, and I’m not entirely sure yet how everything works.

When I was a girl, my family lived in northern California.  We took frequent hiking and camping trips up in the foothills, and trees were an important part of my landscape.  I remember one trip in particular, walking in a stand of Ponderosa Pine.  The ground was soft with an accumulation of pine needles, and the walking was easy between the large, widely spaced trunks.  As we walked I breathed in that scent of pine, and brushed my hands against the bark, savoring the silence like bated breath.  To this day a stand of pines moves me .  Here in Illinois it is northern white pine, beautiful in its own right.  And here you’re far more likely to find a fringe of color from an understory tree.  So this is what I wanted to capture~the pull I feel when I’m in the presence of pine trees, plus the dancing color of fall here in the midwest.

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