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I cannot imagine my life without the natural world being a huge part of it.  It concerns me that people are losing their connection to nature, to the detriment of both people and nature.  When I paint, I'm always thinking how I can help people enter into a relationship with nature.  Put them there on the trail beneath a majestic tree, or help them see a beautiful flower or insect.  


Melissa Pierson grew up among redwoods, and later, by a small lake in Illinois.  These formative experiences influenced her to get a degree in biology in college, with a minor in art.  It wasn't until she became a butterfly monitor at Illinois Beach State Park, however, that she found her artistic voice.  She was struck by the vulnerability of the habitat there, and the very large number of butterflies and other creatures and plants it supports.  

"If we but look, we will find treasures aplenty out in the natural world. Open your heart to learn about the nature where you live, dare to care for it and you will find your life enriched beyond measure." ~Melissa

Currently, my work can be seen at Antioch Fine Art Foundation just south of Antioch on Rte. 83.  If you live in the area, please stop by or contact me for a private viewing.

My work will be part of a featured exhibit at Lemon Street Gallery in Kenosha, Wisconsin for the month of April, 2019.  Check here frequently for updates on where my art is headed next!

I can be reached at [email protected]

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